The Ronan Parke Appreciation Thread

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The Ronan Parke Appreciation Thread

Post  MarthaJonesFan on Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:32 am

Anyone remember him from Britain's Got Talent this year? He came second, yet got signed up to a record label before winner Jai McDowell. Razz

He's released his debut album this week, consisting of mainly covers of songs including "Feeling Good", "Because Of You", "Fix You" and "Forget You" amongst others, plus 2 original songs. I bought it today, and so far, it's been amazing!

1. Feeling Good
2. Forget You
3. A Thousand Miles
4. Fix You
5. Because of You
6. You Gotta Be
7. Make You Feel My Love
8. Songbird
9. We'll Rock the World
10. Stronger Than I Am
11. The Edge of Glory (acoustic)
12. Firework (acoustic)


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